Mountfield 1330M


The 1330M has a 352cc Mountfield Series ST350 engine, 84cm (33 inch) cutting width and large 200 litre grass collector. The cutter deck is fitted with anti-scalp wheels which enable it to ‘float’ over the ground preventing the cutting blades from ‘scalping’ the grass.
The Mountfield 1330M is a great addition to the Mountfield range of lawn and garden tractors. With its overall width of 90cm it has been designed for gardens and lawns which need a lawn tractor but have restricted access.
The manual transmission has 5 forward gears, reverse & with a turning circle of just 180 cm can equal the manoeuvrability of the smaller compact ride on mowers. The Mountfield 1330 M lawn tractors cut wider than their wheel width which means there is little trimming left to do after the lawns have been mowed.
The 1330M has 7 cutting height settings from 25mm – 80mm ensuring the perfect height of cut for your lawn. Deck engagement couldn’t be simpler; you just have to pull the control switch for ‘On’ and push it in for ‘Off’.

As optional extras the Mountfield 1330M can be fitted with a towing hitch, mulching kit.

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